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Guide to Josai University Mizuta Memorial Library (EnglishJapaneseChinese)

Opening hours

Weekdays 9:00 - 21:00
(Summer vacations 9:00 - 19:00)
(Examination periods 8:30 - 21:00)
Saturdays 9:00 - 19:00
Sundays 9:00 - 17:00


  • National holidays, Anniversary of the founding (April 20th)
  • National Center for University Entrance Examinations days
  • Summer and New Year vacation
  • Any other days set by the Director
  • Open on public holidays and the annual anniversary of the university's founding (April 20th) when classes are held.

About the Mizuta Memorial Library

Our library has been collecting materials and information for students and researchers to study. You can also get materials from overseas through the library.

To support your studies, we offer various kinds of services and events. For example, opening on Sundays, monthly exhibitions about certain themes, a Syllabus Room where books listed on course syllabuses can be found, Student Advisors who can give you guidance, classes for developing your skills, a“Students’Library” where students choose books for the library, “Bibliobattles”, a social book review game event, and so on. By making the best use of our library and the services we offer, you will be able to enhance and enjoy your university life!

Number of materials (As of March 2016)

Volumes: Around 460 thousand (280 thousand in Japanese and 180 thousand in other languages)

We offer access to e-journals, e-books and databases, which you can search for specialized information. You can use this information in a study room, a computer room or in a WiFi area through the on-campus network.

Borrowing and returning materials

To check out materials, you will need to bring your student ID card or user’s card. You can borrow, return and renew materials at the main desk on 1st Floor.

Item limits and loan period
Categories Number Period
Book Journal AV
Undergraduates 5 14 days 7 days 14 days
Undergraduates-planning to
graduate at the end of the year
10 90 days
Graduates 20

*Syllabus books can be borrowed for 14 days but cannot be checked out during exam periods.


An item with a 14-day loan period (except Syllabus Books) that is not requested by another person may be extended once for another 14 days.


Items that are currently checked out can be reserved through

Overdue items

You may not check out an additional item when you have an item that is overdue.

Items that may not be checked out

Newspapers and reference books (yearbooks, white papers, encyclopedias, dictionaries and so on) may not be checked out.

How to find materials

Library website

The website provides links to tools for searching materials such as OPAC and databases. Information for some classes at the library and other news are also available.

How to find materials
  1. To find the materials held in our library:
    You can find books, journals, articles, AV materials, e-books and e-journals that the library holds.
  2. To find textbooks and reference books: Syllabus Book List
    You can look for the textbooks and reference materials that are listed on syllabuses, which can be found at the Syllabus Room on 3rd Floor.
  3. To find articles on journals and newspapers, academic theses and other data: Database List
    The database provides a convenient way to search for materials.
  4. To find issues published by Josai University:
    “JURA” stores and discloses the academic products of research and teaching carried out at Josai University, such as journal articles, theses, dissertations, research papers, teaching materials and so on, in an electronic form. You can read the contents of these materials held in the repository on-line.
Books for international students

A collection of books on Japanese culture can be found on the 2nd Floor.


Reading Room Floors 1-5, 9th Floor
Syllabus Room 3rd Floor
Microfilm and
Microfiche Stack
3rd Floor
Group Study Room 3rd Floor, 6th Floor
Personal Reading Room 3rd Floor
Audio-visual Room 2nd Floor
Audio-visual Booth 1st Floor
Mathematics Library 4th Floor
in Building No. 1


Gerschenkron Collection

A collection by Alexander Gerschenkron, a specialist in the economic history of the Soviet Union and economic theory, which holds around 5,300 volumes including his own works.

Laum Collection

A collection by German economist Bernhard Laum which holds around 1,800 volumes on monetary economics, his field of expertise.

Kaname Akamatsu Collection

A collection by Hitotsubashi University professor emeritus Kaname Akamatsu which includes his books and journal articles regarding global economic theory etc.

Isoji Ishida Collection

A collection by former Josai University professor Isoji Ishida which includes around 2,500 volumes of Japanese books and 1,100 volumes in other languages on issues regarding labor economics.

Hideo Shimojo Collection

A collection by former Josai University professor Hideo Shimojo which holds articles from Japan and around the world about the economic development of silk.

Kounosuke Nozawa Collection

A collection by Josai University professor emeritus Kounosuke Nozawa which includes 133 volumes of typical Japanese books on management mathematics before and after World War II as well as 273 volumes in other languages.

Eiichi Makita Collection

A collection by former Josai University professor Eiichi Makita which includes around 1,800 volumes of British and American literature.

Collection of Institute of Statistical Research

Donated by the Institute of Statistical Research, the collection includes 8,103 volumes of valuable statistical materials on the national census since the middle of the Meiji era.

Collection of old materials on Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine

Valuable materials such as “Kaitai Shinsho”(Anatomical Tables) are on permanent exhibition. They are also viewable online from the library’s website as “Digital Archives”.

Rules for use of the library

  1. Removal of materials from the library without being checked out is strictly prohibited. Please check out all materials properly at the main desk.
  2. Please use library materials, facilities and equipment with due care.
  3. You will be held responsible for compensation of any loss, damage or soiling of library materials.
  4. Please refrain from whispering, making noise and talking on the phone within the library.
  5. Do not eat (including candy or chewing gum), drink or smoke; however you can bring in a container with a sealable top such as a plastic bottle or water bottle to get water at the Reading Room.
  6. Lending your student ID card or user’s card to others is prohibited.
  7. You are responsible for keeping your personal belongings with you at all times.
  8. Taking photos or recording a video without permission within the library is prohibited.